Parque de Campismo de Albufeira
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Rules of the Park


Main Rules - Camping Albufeira

  • The park can be used by national and foreign citizens, provided that bearers of their identification document;
  • The accompanying must also be accompanied by the identification document for registration;
  • Check-in allowed from 08h to 23h;
  • Users will be given an access card that must be used whenever they want to enter and leave the park;
  • Paid vehicles will be registered in the system through the license plate which will give them automatic access;
  • Payment of the stay made at check-in, full or partial, having to be the payment of the stay in day;
  • The use of the park for a period of less than 24 hours always implies payment of 24h;
  • Removal of the equipment and exit must be done until 12h. Failure to comply with this standard will result in the payment of one more night;
  • It is not necessary to check out, except in the stays of lodging or if there are regularizations to make;
  • Visits authorized only to users of the park. The users should present themselves at the reception, and should authorize to include the visits during their stay and the visitation fee be paid. It will also be given an access card. The length of stay authorized for the visits is strictly understood between the opening hours of the reception. It is not allowed to drive vehicles of visits on the park.;
  • The entrance and exit of the users in the park can be done at any time of the day or night, but no vehicles can circulate in the park during the silence period, that is, from 00h to 07h;
  • Vehicles not registered / paid, must be parked in the exterior parking lot;
  • During the period of silence, silence must be strictly kept;
  • Installation of camping equipment at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the remaining campers, respecting space and privacy of all;
  • Respect the remaining campers by engaging in civilized behavior and respect for others by not using televisions, radios or other instruments with loud sound and / or other situations that may disturb other campers;
  • No fires;
  • Prohibited to construct boundaries around equipment with boards, plants, stones, spokes, or any other materials;
  • Prohibited to hang / install nets, oiled, plastics on trees for the purpose of shade or other effect;
  • Prohibited to use ropes, wires at a height of less than 2 meters above ground;
  • Check our rules and regulations upon your arrival at the park.