Dear Campers,

Due to the imposition of the Resolution Of the Council of Ministers NO.91-A/2021, published on 07/09/2021, the acess to tourist places and general accommodation, to be able to make ckeck-in must be presented the identification document of each person, such as the Covid EU Digital Certificate, or, test to Covid negative.

We inform that we allow check-in through:

  • Presentation of a valid Digital Certificate of Vaccination, this means document that certify complete vaccination and 14 days passed after the last dose taken;
  • Presentation of a Certificate of Covid Recovered, will certifies that client have recovered from Covid 19 infection having been tested, more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago;
  • TAAN laboratory test - carried out 72 hours before;
  • Certified TRag Test - a self-test modality carried out 24 hours , certified by a health professional or a pharmaceutical professional;
  • Test TRag on-site self-test Modality - as of september 1st, this test method is not accepted after the reception is closed. Make sure the times are starting in september. Admission to or check-in is only allowed through a negative result.
Children and young people under 12 years of age do not need to any of these procedures. Children with 12 years, must meet requirements set forth.

Due to all these requirements, so that any citizen can check-in and enter the park upon arrival, and since there is a requirement to submite a negative test to Covid or present a Valid Digital Certificate, the time allowed for check-in, is strictly during the reception opening hours.
From september the reception hours change so pay attention:

Hours mid/higt season - 09/01 to 09/14 - 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Low season hours - from 15/09 - 9:00AM to 9:00PM

From september onwards, entreis after the reception closes are allowed only and only upon presentation of a certified document, that is, though a valid digital certificate or with a test previously carried out and certified by legal entities. Not accepted, self-test done on site.

These rules also applies to customers with installed equipment on campsite, such as caravans a year or mobile homes, but also customers who come to join campers that are already installed.